Road tunnel

Increasingly high traffic densities make continuous measurements of pollutant concentrations more and more important. Our turnkey solutions identify dangerous emissions everywhere where they can jeopardize all involved traffic participants. This not only allows effective monitoring and surveillance, but also ensures the efficient operation of road tunnels. With its own product development of measurement equipment ACP Environment AG owns a sustainable wide range of product portfolio that will be complemented with other products, according to requirement. The following components can be measured: visibility, wind speed, wind direction, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen (NO), carbon dioxide (CO2), traffic control, methane (CH4), propane (C2H6), etc.


Railroad tunnel

In the Swiss railway tunnels, there is generally a high level of safety for the passengers and crew members. In case of an incident, an intelligent measuring system can detect and remove selectively smoke in a certain area of the railroad tunnel. Making sure that a such intelligent and reliable measuring system works properly, various air flow and pressure level measurements have been done prior identifying key metrics. Based on such metrics, a reliable measuring system can be develop and integrated within the railroad tunnel increasing a fast and secure evacuation in case of emergency. In the meantime, ACP environment Ltd could successfully develop and implement railway tunnel projects and is one of the leading general contractors.

Building and parking facilities

Important is the comprehensive examination whether security systems in tunnels are working properly in case of emergency and all safety requirements are ensured. Basically, most of tunnel ventilation systems are designed for measuring pollution, but in a case of emergency, the evacuation process of smoke is not taken into account sufficiently. Based on the special measurement and test system of ACP environment Ltd, it is possible to realistically simulate events and test the associated security system comprehensively.


Smoke tests:                      Realistic fog simulation

Fog tests:                           Tunnel ventilation systems and control center in the test

Network measurements:      Accurate evaluation of the air flow in the tunnel