Working at ACP environment AG / SA

You are prepared to perform your job to the best of your abilities. So you have a right to appropriate compensation,  not just that of a financial nature. Of course, a commensurate salary is an important factor, but there is a whole row of other aspects which determine the attractiveness of a job. Working hours, for instance. The working atmosphere. Corporate and management culture. Development and career opportunities. The chance to balance work and leisure. Motivation doesn't come out of nowhere. Engaging tasks are an important factor,  but working conditions also play a role. 


The salary system at ACP environment AG / SA guarantees fair remuneration, in line with the market. It is flexible and transparent and takes into account both individual performance and the achievement of common goals. ACP environment AG / SA offers you the opportunity for self-development. Professionally, methodically, socially. You can develop your skills and capabilities by taking on challenging tasks and getting involved in interesting projects. Regular feedback allows you to assess your current qualifications and the requirements which have been established for you and your work. Together you define your next set of development goals and what you need to do to achieve them.

Job vacancies

Are you interested in a new job opportunity? If you are talented, ambitious and outgoing, then ACP environment AG/SA will give you every opportunity to fulfil your potential and develop your career. Those who are looking for professional self-fulfilment and new challenges will find the perfect platform for success at ACP environment AG / SA.


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Im Rahmen der Unternehmensentwicklung suchen wir einen erfahrenen und aufgeschlossenen Elektromonteur (m/w).
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Im Ramen der Unternehmensentwicklung suchen wir einen erfahrenen und aufgeschlossenen Projektleiter (m/w).
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